Dao Updates

A few years ago, Derek and Scott & Jennie Phillips hiked into a Dao village. After this, Derek and the Phillips decided to team up and move back to Dao. In 2005, Derek, the Phillips and an Indonesian couple, Merfin and Elly Karamoy, moved in and began building their houses. After house building was complete, Derek went home to Canada for a short time. A year later, the Karamoys experienced some health problems and also had to go home. This left the Phillips in the Dao alone. The Phillips continued to learn the Dao language and culture, and in June 2007 began teaching through the Bible. At the same time, in June 2007, we, the Grants, moved back to Dao to work alongside the Phillips. There were approximately 40 people who believed at that time. Scott continues to teach on Sundays and develop lesson plans in the Dao language, while Jennie continues with Bible translation. We are focusing on discipleship and outreaches to other areas of Dao.
Please continue to pray for the Dao believers as they grow in the truths of the God's Word!