Tips for Mailing Packages

Many people enjoy sending packages to "their" missionaries in various countries around the world, but sometimes are worried their package won't get to them in and if everything inside will still be good when it arrives. Here's a few tips when mailing things overseas:

1. Put everything in ziploc bags. Candy, chocolate, and gum tend to go stale or melt all over the package in the mail. So, if you want to send any kind of food, make sure it's still in it's original packaging and then sealed well in in ziploc bags in order to preserve it better, and keep the other things in the package from getting gooey.

2. When filling out the customs form at the post office, write $0 Commercial Value instead of what you paid for the items in the package. Also, check the "gift" box. This will save "your" missionary from paying customs charges when picking up the package at the post office.

3. Most countries can't get things like taco seasonings, fajita seasoning, salsa mix seasoning, ranch dip mix, etc. They are cheap, lightweight things that you can slip into an envelope, and are something fun to add to a card. (don't forget to ziploc these) Also, if mailing tea, send tea bags that have individual paper wraps lined with aluminum (not all loose tea bags in a box). Tea bags tend to mold when left open. "Stash" is a great tea brand that tastes good, and is packaged just like this!

4. Before you mail a package, let "your" missionary know, and ask them if there is anything specific that they need or can't get in their country of service. It might seem a bit awkward for them, but in the long run they will appreciate it and you will be investing your money into something they can use and enjoy.

5. Enjoy it and don't worry about when or if it'll get there! It is a huge blessing and encouragement for anyone to get even a little card in the mail to let them know that you are thinking of them and praying for them.